A Word about G-d from John

G-d is Great!

Jordan: “Hey! Let’s talk about God!

John: “God’s great! Good, I’ve seen God’s power many times. And I also seen the other side, don’t like it the best. Thing to do in life is follow God’s rules:

be good people,be nice, don’t cheat, don’t steal.

That’s the problem with the world is everything’s take take take leave me going crazy and this eliminating God.

God saved me many a times and correct me many a times and punished me but that’s life, it’s up and down you gotta keep going no matter how down you are just you got a smile on be happy you’re awake that day it will get better everything will come to pass.”

Jordan: “Amen!”

John: “Amen!”

Jordan: “Love it!”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Why leave God just because of people? Welcome to The Lighthouse Temple of Joseph, I am soon to be Pastor Jordan and I am the founder of this Lighthouse. Our mission is to bring you the truth and light of God without the lies and sin which are plaguing our current Institutional Churches. People are not a fair representation of God’s love, and the actions of people should not define our relationship with God. We should only put our trust in the one true living God and not people.

Why a lighthouse? Because God’s love wants to shine to us even in the darkest places. We are lost ships at sea, and God wants to bring us to shore. Why a temple? Because we are all the dwelling places of the one true living God, and such, we must prepare our internal altar’s for God’s presence. Why Joseph? Because even after losing our mother, being betrayed by our brother’s, sold into slavery, being forced into Egypt, God is good and uses us for God’s great glory. I hope you will join me on this voyage of the spirit to make it into the throne room of the true Almighty.

Stay tuned for updates. More information will be coming your way shortly. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

(The Lighthouse Temple of Joseph does not own this photo.)