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Newly founded LTJ Non-profit takes out the trash! March 2019
By: @KyleLa_Forge
Have you ever taken a stroll through your local neighborhood, and been disheartened to seenpockets of garbage collected along the roadsides, and entangled in the woods?
Neighborhoods with beautiful curbside appeal blighted by the careless hands of someone who could not wait until they got home to throw away their trash, or the unfortunate wind gust that swept away the garbage cans you had so carefully placed by the curb. It is very easy to become discouraged, and question “why someone would do this”, but it is another thing entirely to ask, “what can I do about this?”

This is just what Jordan Zavesky, leader of the Lighthouse Temple of Joseph, decided she should do. In her local neighborhood, of Patchogue Shores, there is a wooded Bend
that follows Summit Street from Brown
Street nearly to the End of East Jackwill Road. This stretch of land is approximately 566 feet long, and over the years had become inundated with mounds of trash.

A recently founded Non-Profit 501C, LTJ11, headed by Jordan and Carynne Litcher,
Kyle Frego, and John Zavesky, had been looking for ways that the program can give back to the community. Sizing up the problem at hand, they recognized that this was not something that could be surmounted alone. Reaching out to longtime friends Emily Schwab and myself, they expressed something that had become readily apparent, if not us, then who?

On Sunday March 24, 2019 the group gathered ready to work. With gloves, contractor bags, and a wheelbarrow, the group began the process of combing the outskirts of the wooded bend, and where access was available, deeper into the thickets. Over the course of approximately three hours we worked to remove products that many of us know all too well, such as Energy Drink and Beer cans, cigarette cartons, snack packages,
and an endless supply of non-biodegradable plastics. Much of the debris showed signs of extensive wear, and expiration dates of years gone by.

Curious Residents stopped to ask questions about what we were doing and were delighted that someone was finally doing something about the pervasive problem. They mentioned that they were tired of looking at the eyesore and hoped it may become a regular event. Embracing the positive community feedback, our small group felt vested to finish. After the third hour, it became obvious that the amount of garbage threaded through the deeper area of the woods would be a task for another day, and hopefully a larger group! The garbage we had collected was finally able to be properly disposed of by Jordan and her Father, John Zavesky.

Concluding the day, we had all come to agreement that it is impressive what a small grassroots campaign can achieve with a little teamwork, and elbow grease. Sometimes in our fast-paced lives we can all feel very augmented from the world around us and lose our sense of community. As a newly founded Non-Profit, LTJ11 hopes to continue to give back to the community and is always seeking volunteers! If you are interested in volunteer services, please contact Jordan Zaveksy at 631-578-5359.