The Festival of Christians

If you read my testimony, you will know that right now I am entering the Festival of Christians. To make it easier, I will list the churches I have attended and what I have Learned:

Prep for the Festival:

Birth to 2017: The Roman Catholic Church- Christian Fundamentals centered around works and service

November 2017- April 2018: Church of god Ahn Sahng-hong- The Babylonian influence on contemporary Christianity, and the Festivals of God

November 2018- April 2019: Beth Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Synagogue- The Jewish roots of the new testament, and Jesus’s real name Yeshua

June 22nd & June 29th 2019: South Bay Bible Church (non-denominational)- The reliance of a witness testimony to the resurrection as a foundation of faith rather than the Bible alone

Start of the Festival:

June 30th 2019- THE OFFICIAL START OF THE FESTIVAL-: St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church (Festival)- I found the symbol of the cross and the hand [being the cross of the martyrs who used to worship in the catacombs, take away: the Church was paved in the way of atonement blood. I have been running from the spirit of the Catholic Priest- my pen pal truing to convince me to go back and my great aunt preaching to me. But I am running to the symbol. [God, Sean, John, and Carynne as my witnesses].

July 6th & 7th I read about the early martyrs and how the church is paved in their blood.

July 14th I attended the United Methodist Church: The sermon was about the heart of David and God looking into Hearts and not at appearances when choosing leaders.

Landed myself in a home Church which is why the ministry was dismantled.